Take a 3-day Thai Traditional Massage course, get a second Thai massage course at 50% off!

This is an Introductory Course designed for anyone interested in learning more about the ancient art of Traditional Thai Massage. The three-day course provides for additional practice time and also introduces prone position massage to the two-day program.

This three-day course explains the key elements of Thai Massage including major muscle groups, introduction to Thai Energy Line (SEN) theory and pressure points. Instruction includes both theory and practice of Thai Massage.

Upon completion students will be able to perform a basic, safe and effective Thai Massage.  This course is designed to introduce students to Thai Massage and possible further professional study of Thai Massage.

Course Category : Thai Massage

Course Days : 3
Course Hours : 18
Course Price : 6,000 THB

Class Schedule : Monday thru Friday from 9:00 to 16:00 at Thai Oasis Spa School.