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  • Thai Oasis Spa School graduation ceremony for Samunlisa Group (China)

    50 students from the Samunlisa Group (China) attended an Ayurvedic Body Massage course from 23-28 August 2019 at the Thai Oasis Spa School in Chiang Mai. The students completed the massage course and were...

  • MBA Students from Guangxi University, China visited Thai Oasis Spa School

    Pakin Ployphicha, Managing Director of The Oasis Spa (Thailand) and Thai Oasis Spa School recently welcomed more than 40 MBA students from Guangxi University, China. The students were visiting as part...

  • A group inspection from the Phang Nga Hot Spring Potential Development Project

    The Thai Oasis Spa School teachers welcomed the members of the Phang Nga Hot Spring Potential Development Project. They are learning to become an operator of a mineral water spa with international standards...

Student Reviews

  • Elizabeth Goad and Phailin Reifsnyder

    "Liz and Phailin, Yoga instructors from Virginia, USA attended the Foundations of Thai Massage, one of the NCBTMB courses given at the Thai Oasis Spa School. They studied the history of Thai massage, a massage modality different from the western style of massage and a review of Anatomy and Physiology which can help them with the licensing exam in the States. “The instructor is fantastic, well-educated and has a sense of humor. The surrounding school environment is inspiring, and the restaurant is great.”, they added."

    From USA
  • Kimberley Hope (Kim)

    "Kimberley Hope from the Bahamas used to be an insurance broker and decide to change her career to massage. She attended 7 courses including 6 massage treatments and 1 management class. “I learned a lot from the school, and I felt that the oil massage was my favorite. The instructors were wonderful! They were kind and generous to me and made things clear. Even though I always mixed things up, I still got encouragement to do the best I could. The staff were so helpful. There were no unanswered questions.""

    From Bahamas
  • Pei Ping Tseng (Irene)

    "Irene is a Taiwanese professional therapist for 4 years who mainly performs Chinese meridian and lymphatic drainage as well as Swedish massage. She felt that needed Thai massage techniques and she wanted to improve her general ability. She became passionate about the advanced stretching that she also learned during the Thai Massage for Health 150 hours course at the Thai Oasis Spa School. “I like Teacher Ning the best. I will recommend it to my friends for sure, for the intermediate Thai stretching course which helps the therapists adding skills to their own techniques.” she said"

    From Taiwan