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  • School Development Plan

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  • TOS Student Wins at National Youth Day 2018

    Congratulations to Thai Oasis Spa School student, Miss Natthaporn Kaewkamma, who received an  “Outstanding Youth” award on National Youth Day 2018 from the Association of Private Schools in Chiangmai...

  • Thai Oasis Spa School Welcomes Capital Park of Wuhan, China

    Thai Oasis Spa School recently welcomed the inspection group from Capital Park of Wuhan, China. The program began with a presentation about the Thai Oasis Spa school by Miss Sanikul Kasinphitak, ...

Student Reviews

  • Ms. Zoe Yuan Zhang Williams from San Francisco.

    "Zoe is a licensed esthetician from San Francisco. She attended 5 courses of NCBTMB here at Thai Oasis Spa School. “All teachers here I had are very skilled and experienced with the treatments. They are all very patient, gentle and sharing. The part I like most is that they will hold your hands to let you know the pressure and the flow. It is one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had.”"

    From San Francisco
  • Mr. Anderson Marcicano from Brazil.

    "He is passionate about traditional Thai massage and has spent 3 years studying in Thailand. He would like to further his education into the spa world and Thai Oasis Spa school is his best choice. “It was very nice. The teachers were well-prepared, and the school is very well-equipped. I have learnt a lot about the real routine of spa with high quality and professional teachers.”"

    From Brazil
  • Mr. Shannon Williams from San Francisco.

    "He applied for a 5-day traditional postnatal treatment, hoping to bring all techniques he has learnt to promote in the US. “The teacher gave a good introduction on the first day. Teacher Ning has a lot of skills, excellent pacing of her work on client, and she was very encouraging of me. Not many people do this practice. This is my first time to do the clay pot and it feels great!”"

    From San Francisco